My Why.


Why I’m doing this..

I often ask myself this question. When I started photography I was doing it to help out a friend, I had always loved pictures and what better way to make a little extra cash then helping second shoot some weddings? Then real life happened.  I wasn’t able to help anymore and I realized just how much I missed having my camera in my hand. I branched off and started taking pictures for people here and there, free sessions galore and then Maggie came along.

If you don’t know me, Maggie is my two year old and man did she open my heart and my eyes to what having pictures really meant. It went from a little extra cash, to my entire WORLD. I had Maggie and I never wanted to forget any of our moments together, they grow up so fast. I have thousands of snap shots organized on my computer by month. From the day we came home to now, I have neatly named and placed folders that contain memories I will cherish forever and I hope she will too.

Then it hit me…why not REALLY do this? Why not take the jump and give other people these same memories? I prayed and prayed about this little thing I call a “job” even though in my eyes, it’s far from it. I have started and then left many things unfinished in my life, I’ve bounced around trying to find what my calling is and I know, this is part of it. My main goal at the start of this journey was to be able to provide my clients/friends quality pictures that they would love for a decent price. I know how hard it is to want these memories to stand still and you just can’t seem to find the extra funds to get it done, or they’re so much that you cringe to finally take the leap. So……here I am, finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for what seems like so long.

I didn’t want this to be forever long because, let’s face it, I want you to actually read it, BUT…I want everyone that has had me or has considered me as  your photographer/friend to know that I appreciate and love you! Because of you I get to stay home with my reason why, I get to kiss her throughout the day, I get to put puzzles together, build Lincoln log houses and sing the ABC’s to the top of my lungs whenever she wants. I make little heart pancakes for breakfast and kiss many bo bo’s. Thank you.. thank you, thank you! I can’t explain in words how grateful I am to have you help support my dream of being home with my baby, soon to be babies!

So now, when I feel like I don’t know why I’m doing this, I look at my child and my growing belly. I think about how much they mean to me and how much I cherish all the little moments. I have been tremendously blessed and I want to be a blessing to others through my photos.

Thank you for reading, sometimes you just have to lay your heart out there and be heard.

Love, Jessica

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